Buongiorno! Lanciamo sul mercato italiano il negozio vintagecuisine.it!

Buongiorno! We are launching a vintagecuisine.it store on the Italian market!

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our online store in Italian! Starting from today, we will be putting into sale the bestseller of the Vintage Cuisine brand - The shiny and chic retro radio with a bluetooth speaker in 6 amazing color variations!

Depending on interest in the coming weeks we will be supplementing the Italian version of the store with new Vintage Cuisine products.

Verstore.com was established in 2018 and is an e-commerce platform owned by Vershold Poland, which has been operating on the market since 1993. We deliver our products throughout the EU, and they are distinguished by a unique appearance, well-thought-out functionality and most importantly - a competitive, affordable price.

So far, we have served over 40,000 orders from 27 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia.

We deliver products within 3 business days, where it is worth noting that most shipments arrive after 2 days.

You can also find us on the following platforms: eBay, Allegro, Cdiscount, Empik.

Vintage Cuisine products enjoy great interest and also good opinions from our fans and users. The brand cooperates with many influencers in the cooking and interior design categories with some examples mentioned below:


At the same time, we invite you to follow the profiles of the Vintage Cuisine brand in social media:

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