Vintage Cuisine: una collezione retrò per la tua cucina

Vintage Cuisine - a retro collection for your kitchen

Vintage Cuisine is a collection of stylish small household appliances, characterized by a unique retro design, high-quality finish and amazing performance. The brand was created in 2017 for people looking for interesting solutions for the kitchen - the heart of every home, a place that combines different styles, culinary tastes, and generations.a.


Functionality goes hand in hand with discovery, which is why we are constantly developing our assortment. We believe that experiments made in the kitchen don't only turn into an appetizing and aromatic meal at the table with friends and family, but are also adventures, which should be undertaken with loved ones.

The brand is distinguished by two pastel versions of the collection: cream and mint. Over time, supplemented with new versions, incl. black and red. Our assortment includes:


We constantly cooperate with both professional chefs and parents for whom the time spent in the kitchen is not a chore but a pleasure of discovering new tastes and a moment with the family, where time slows down for a moment and children forget about electronic gadgets for the sake of learning and playing.

Household appliances assortment under Vintage Cuisine:

electric kettle, traditional kettle, cup blender, hand blender, slow juicer, planetary mixer, mixer manual, toaster, kitchen scale, microwave. 


cast iron pots and pans, a set of steel pots


radio, a set of kitchen knives, a haversack, containers for dry products, ceramic dishes, kitchen utensils

Vintage Cuisine products can be found in 27 countries, where we have dedicated social media in as many as 6: France, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Ukraine and recently also Italy.

We are watched by over 102,000 people from all over Europe. With the help of our equipment, home-made bread from the pot, cakes prepared in a planetary mixer or fresh toasts for the morning breakfast ritual with a cup of coffee are placed on the tables. 


We take pride in the opinions given by our customers and fans, such as:

Cast iron pot

"crazy pot - for this price there is no better cast iron - lick your fingers on bread!"

Electric Kettle with Thermometer:

"I promised a full week of testing, but my opinion has hardly changed since I took it out of the box. The kettle is cute, shiny and light mint. Made properly: the thermometer works reliably, the scale is accurate, the lid tightly covers so that the steam does not burn in the hand and the handle does not heat up. The material covering the handle of the kettle and the lid is pleasant to the touch."

Planetary mixer:

"Beautifully colored mixer, wonderful workmanship. Perfect for home confectionery and more."

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