Radio retrò con altoparlante bluetooth: il bestseller nella tua cucina!

Retro radio with a bluetooth speaker - a must-have in your kitchen!

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Is there anything more beautiful than a combination of passion for cooking and your favorite song? A radio with a bluetooth speaker is an inseparable companion of every home cook! A small size radio designed in retro style will perfectly fit into the space of your kitchen, and the additional bluetooth function allows you to choose the background music or your favorite radio station on your own while cooking!

The Vintage Cuisine radio has been a bestseller for years, with thousands of copies sold all over Europe. Recommended by dozens of influencers who run Instagram and Facebook profiles in the interior design and cooking categories.


The extendable antenna will definitely help find your favorite radio station, but if you prefer your own playlist - connect your phone or computer via bluetooth . Or maybe something more educational? After all, on Tidal or Spotify, we will find tons of educational podcasts that will allow you to catch up in each category.


There is nothing worse than the limitations caused by the lack of a power outlet, but this radio has a built-in battery that allows you to play even up to 7 hours!


Are you taking the radio to a picnic or vacation? Regardless of the direction of departure - an exhausted battery can be quickly charged via a USB cable, which is simply plugged into a computer or a plug with a USB function.


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