Essenziale per i picnic

Picnic Essentials with Vintage Cuisine

Picnic Essentials - Use Kitchen Equipment and Prepare the Perfect Outdoor Getaway Picnics, sunny weather, and rising temperatures are just begging for an outdoor getaway. W...

Radio retrò con altoparlante bluetooth: il bestseller nella tua cucina!

Retro radio with a bluetooth speaker - a must-have in your kitchen!

Is there anything more beautiful than a combination of passion for cooking and your favorite song? A radio with a bluetooth speaker is an inseparable companion of every hom...

Vintage Cuisine: una collezione retrò per la tua cucina

Vintage Cuisine - a retro collection for your kitchen

Vintage Cuisine is a collection of stylish small household appliances, characterized by a unique retro design, high-quality finish and amazing performance. The brand was cr...

Buongiorno! Lanciamo sul mercato italiano il negozio!

Buongiorno! We are launching a store on the Italian market!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our online store in Italian! Starting from today, we will be putting into sale the bestseller of the Vintage Cuisine brand - The sh...